Spring and Summer at Baywood Racquet Club

Tennis 101
March 1, 2021

It is shaping up for a wonderful spring and summer of tennis at Baywood Racquet Club. The club is thriving and the courts are busy with members enjoying the great location courts and sense of community that Baywood Racquet Club provides. Baywood comes alive in the spring as the flowers bloom and our garden oasis is filled with sunshine and tennis.

It is widely known that during the pandemic tennis participation figures have exploded around the world. The figures from the USTA back this up showing an overall increase of 22%from 2019 to 2020. This equates to an extra 4.4 million people playing tennis in the US!

“We are thrilled that so many new and existing players came back to the sport—especially in what was such a challenging year for so many people,” said Mike Dowse, USTA Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director. “These new participation numbers are a testament to the hard work, passion and commitment of a united industry that worked together to ensure that tennis not only survived, but that it thrived.

“Even though we continue to face challenges, it’s evident that many people recognize tennis as the ideal social-distancing sport, which puts it in a great position to continue to grow and allow people to stay active and social in a healthy and safe manner.”

With its inherent social distancing, along with many other health benefits, tennis continues to show strength in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. To that end, the USTA—with input from the USTA Medical Advisory Group—established in 2020 a series of recommendations and guidelines on how to play tennis safely for both players and facilities. Additionally, a recent study, which analyzed the surface of balls used in various sports, showed that tennis balls used during normal play are unlikely to put players at risk of developing COVID-19. 

Tennis’ positive health impacts are well documented, and have recently been further highlighted by one of the largest sport-specific studies to date. The study, published in the July 2020 edition of the Journal of Medicine and Science in Tennis, showed that those who play the sport have higher general, physical, social and mental health scores than the general population.

“We are excited to see these positive trends and such significant growth in our sport,”

Craig Morris, USTA Chief Executive, Community Tennis

Over the next few months we shall see new initiatives at Baywood to attract more players and engagement to the club. Try Tennis is proving popular and maybe you have seen the signs across Greenville to get peoples attention. Try tennis sponsored by the USTA allows people to experience tennis over a 6 week period and includes a racquet, t-shirt and high quality coaching. You can sign up for Try tennis by clicking here.

Spring will also see the start of the USTA League play. We are really pleased to have entered a total of 7 teams into the leagues. League play provides a great environment to play other clubs and be at your most competitive.

Have a wonderful start to Spring and make sure you do not hesitate to contact the team at Baywood Racquet Club for further information on joining, Try tennis or USTA League play.

See you soon!