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Safety at Tennis Camps

April 20, 2023 by Baywood

Summer camps can be an amazing experience for children, providing them with the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and have fun in the great outdoors. However, as with any activity involving children, it's important to prioritize their...

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Another pathway?

April 19, 2023 by Baywood

College tennis is one of the most exciting and competitive sports available to students in the United States. With its unique combination of individual and team play, college tennis offers a thrilling and rewarding experience that can be enjoyed by...

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What makes a great Junior Tennis Player

April 17, 2023 by Baywood

Tennis is a sport that requires a combination of physical, technical, and mental skills. While there are no guarantees of success, there are some key attributes that make a great junior tennis player. In this blog, we will explore what...

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Tennis Camps 2023!

April 15, 2023 by Baywood

Great news some amazing tennis camps are coming to Greenville. We can not wait to share all the details with you! Hold on tight, they are on their way. In the meantime check out why tennis camps are a good...

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Great Coaches at Baywood

April 10, 2023 by Baywood

There are several qualities that can make a great tennis coach and we are very lucky to have a few at Baywood Racquet Club. Here are a few of those important qualities: Technical expertise: A great tennis coach should have...

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