Match Practice

Baywood Events
March 13, 2023

A great new opportunity for our Junior members! Read below:Match play is a key means for a young player to develop their game, and playing matches against opponents of a similar level is the best way to accelerate their development. The more competitive matches a player can play, the better match player they become. The reasons for this are:Tactically, players become more intelligent and pick up on common patterns that opponents use, reading the play earlier and earlier over time.Physically, players’ bodies become accustomed to the intensity, rhythm and duration of competitive matches.

Over time, they build up a strong tolerance to deal with all of the physical demands of tennis.Mentally, players become accustomed to handling the ups and downs of matches and high-pressure situations. Players who don’t compete tend to panic and play the big points poorly, while experienced match players stay more composed and execute more effectively under pressure.Intensive practice of a key shot in tennis – the serve and return. Statistically 70% of all points are won/lost in the first four shots, which makes the serve and return one of the most important shots, but often training sessions don’t devote a lot of time to the serve and return.

The players with a high match count become skilled in the first four shots of each point, but the vast majority of tennis players and parents don’t realise this.If you are a member you can join through Court Reserve. Non – members can join but register through the office: